Eviction and Civil Proceedings Decisions

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Case Reference Tribunal Rule Hearing Date Applicant Respondent Decision file Upper Tribunal Decision
  • Rule111
04/09/2020 Late Estate of Mr Athwal Adrian Robinson PDF icon Written Decision 0481_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
14/09/2020 David Clegg, Jeannie Clegg Christopher Young PDF icon Decision ev.20.0778_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
11/09/2020 Frances Stewart Bradley Downtown, Kara Anderson PDF icon Written Decision (with Statement of Reasons) EV.20.0937_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule70
10/09/2020 Jean Zerebiec , Antoni Zerebiec Richard Smith, Sharon Smith nee Wallace PDF icon 0220 decision with reasons_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule111
10/09/2020 Gary Butcher Lucymae Weir PDF icon Decision824CV (002)_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule109
09/09/2020 Michael Quinn , Anne Quinn Amy Beattie PDF icon Decision with statement of reasons EV.20.0032 (002)_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule70
09/09/2020 Fiona Krieger, Henry Krieger Catherine Handleigh, David Handleigh PDF icon Written Decision (with Statement of Reasons) 20.0378 (1)_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule70
10/09/2020 M H Mehrabadi C R Miclos, V Noemi PDF icon 0326 Written Decision (with Statement of Reasons) Payment (002)_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule111
09/09/2020 J Gallagher A L Wilmott PDF icon Rejection - Rule 111 .0838_Redacted.pdf
  • Rule70
08/09/2020 Mwellerstain Trust J Brand, L Brand PDF icon CV_20_0584 Written Decision (with Statement of Reasons) 080920_Redacted.pdf