Forms and Guidance - Evictions and Civil Proceedings


The application form for all the types of eviction/possession application is downloadable here, as well as a guidance note that gives details of the requirements of making each type of application:

Application Form E

Notes on Completing Form E

For civil proceedings, the form and guidance note below are provided:

Application Form F

Notes on Completing Form F

At the same time as making an application, you can make a request for service by advertisement if the address of the other party is unknown. The form and guidance note are provided below:

Request for Service by Advertisement

Guidance on requests for service by advertisement

If you have any specific requirements for attendance at, and participation in, a Case Management Discussion or Hearing please complete and return this questionnaire with your application form:

Inclusive provision questionnaire

Privacy Note

If diligence has commenced on a Payment Order made by the Tribunal but has not been completed, you may be entitled to apply for a time to pay order. The form and guidance note below give more information. Please read these before submitting an application for a time to pay order.

Application for a time to pay order

Guidance on applications for time to pay orders


FAQ questions (printable format)

Renting Scotland Website (external link)


Relevant Legislation is listed below, according to the application type:

All applications:

The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber (Procedure) Regulations 2017

The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber (Rules of Procedure) Amendment Regulations 2017

CHAPTER 6 Procedure in respect of assured tenancy applications

Rules 65 & 66 (Possession) & Rule 70 (Civil Proceedings):

The Housing (Scotland) Act 1988

The Rent Regulation and Assured Tenancies (Forms) (Scotland) Regulations 2017

CHAPTER 8 Procedure in respect of regulated tenancy and Part VII contract applications

Rules 77& 79 (Possession) & Rule 91 (Civil Proceedings): Rent (Scotland) Act 1984

CHAPTER 12 Procedure in respect of private residential tenancy applications

Rules 109 (Eviction) & Rule 111 (Civil Proceedings):

The Private Housing (Tenancies)(Scotland) Act 2016

The Private Residential Tenancies (Prescribed Notices and Forms) (Scotland) Regulations 2017